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Abbonamenti a Riviste Mensili, Periodici e Settimanali -

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Casastile is the reference magazine for all people dealing with tableware, kitchenware, gift articles, furniture accessories.
It aims at being a point of contact between manufacturing and distribution, a research lab on the latest trends in a world that is changing considerably and the boundaries of which tend to widen, being enriched by new hints.
But that’s why an increasingly incisive, precise and qualified information is needed; Casastile pursues this goal by renewing its image and contents to analyse the change taking place in stores, the route of things, the objects, finding new concepts, materials and functions and, most of all, ideas, projects coming from companies and markets, trends guiding the purchase choices and communication moods. A mission that requires to be always in close contact with all the players of the industry (the magazine is also the official organ of Assoceramvetro), by promoting meetings and exchanges. In the course of the year, Casastile reports on some specific subjects, from the promotion of Italian products abroad (with a number entirely in two languages promoted at the major international events) to sale opportunities and the latest product trends. Finally, Casastile retail, coming last in the planning, is a practical guide to the problems concerning the management of the point of sale.


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